Reach Neighbors International Inc. is proud of its network of inspiring individual and corporate donors who are committed to the cause of world peace.

We call on all concerned individuals, families, corporations, government agencies, foundations, institutions, UN organizations and others to get involved in this peace-building effort.


You can be confident that your donation to Reach Neighbors International, Inc. makes a real difference through implementing programs to end domestic violence, mitigate the sufferings caused by man-made and natural disasters such as war, famine, floods and hurricanes, enhance Community Safety and security, improve wellbeing and promote economic development.

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Combat child abuse
End Women abuse
End domestic violence
End hunger in our communities
Purchase seeds for poor families
Buy a goat or sheep or a hog to help a family
Support and feed displaced and refugee families
Purchase school supplies for poor child (children)
Send  In-Kind donation ( Package of hair lotions, body soaps, laundry soaps, deodorant, laundry soap, microwaves, sauce-pans,  plates, desks, tables,  coaches, beds, mattresses,  clothes, and non fragile kitchen utensils, etc);
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Donate regularly as you could, and join Reach Neighbors International, Inc. It is for the benefit of your community and of your neighbors. An on-going financial support will enable Reach Neighbors International, Inc. to combat crime and domestic violence; give hope to women and children, assist disadvantaged families and refugees resettled within our communities and around the world.