Crime and violence cost precious lives every day.


Beyond wars, violence and crime on our streets and in our homes traps people in fear and want.
Terrorism, organized crime, street gangs, drug mafia and the use of firearms and knives have cost the lives of thousands of young people and left families bereaved and desolate.

Domestic violence, homicide, intimidation, kidnapping, and suicide is escalating to frightening scales within our communities. Daily reports from everywhere indicate that the majority of the victims are women and children who are vulnerable to physical, psychological and sexual violence and other kinds of abuse. They suffer terror, homelessness and are exposed to rape, sexual violence and trafficking, hunger and disease. Some are used as suicide bombers and/or human shields whereas others are exposed to brutality, explosives and death.

Poverty, hunger and regional instability due to wars and environmental degradation caused by natural or man-made disasters take their toll. Hunger, sickness, joblessness and homelessness are factors that lead to crime and violence in homes, schools and communities. An integrated, multi-community, multidisciplinary, multi-agency approach is needed to solve these complex issues.

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