The answers lie within.

We at Reach Neighbors International Inc. advocate the end of hunger, poverty, violence and other kind of threats associated with human persecution and terrorism and ask instead that people should collaborate and talk face to face to solve problems hindering security in its myriad aspects:

Human security Food security Economic security Health security
Community security Personal security Political security  


Reach Neighbors International, Inc. does not believe in an “outside-in” approach for development, conflict resolution and peace-building. We believe in an “inside-out” approach. And when you need help, prove that you at least had tried to help yourself. That is where Reach Neighbors International, Inc. can help and we will focus on programs that promote safety, security; implement agriculture activities, distribute food to needy people and refugees.

The answers lie within the people affected by the problem. We encourage neighbors and communities to listen to their hearts. We invite them to collaborate and dialogue to solve their own problems at the local level. Reach Neighbors International Inc. provides a network of experienced staff and volunteers to support the efforts of local peace-builders while enabling their voices to be heard at the national and international level. We do this through our network of partners who believe, as we do, that peace in the world begins with peace within ourselves and in our neighborhoods.

Think global. Act local. Save lives.

Lasting positive change and conflict resolution are often brought about by a number of small steps in the local arena rather than long-drawn-out and costly negotiations on the international stage.

We believe that conflict can be resolved most effectively at the local level. Our efforts are aimed at empowering local people to bring about positive social change. They have a greater understanding of the problems on the ground since they deal with them every day. They have access to information, trust and authority and the respect of the local people and can often do much more for sustainable peace-building efforts at less cost than an outside agency.

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