There is another way. Reaching out to our neighbors is the way.


Our society, communities and families are exposed to a variety of threats.These include but are not limited to poverty, hunger, racism, violence, terrorism and other disasters. We have to be awake and understand that there is a general welfare, a common role that each and every one of us is called to fulfill. The protection of our families and the defense of our rights are fundamental to our domestic peace, safety, tranquility and community development.

This role requires being a catalyst for community changes. Reach Neighbors International Inc. believes that each family or individual should live in peace without fear of hunger, coercion, oppression, tyranny, and injustice. This fear is the enemy of freedom. "No country or community that lives in fear can evolve or be developed". We all need that freedom, peace, safety and security. Members of any community need tranquility in order to think better and to work. Reach Neighbors International, Inc. stands for this cause. Thus, we welcome everyone and do encourage communities to act and achieve that freedom.

We have to take the lead and tackle the issues at their source. Reach Neighbors International Inc, will promote solidarity and collaboration among community members; implement programs that instill tolerance and dialog between people and finally appeal for cooperation and partnership with the international community to eradicate all negative and destructive ideologies.We are committed to work with other humanitarian agencies to respond to the needs of our communities.

Reach Neighbors International Inc. believes that these goals are achievable when all members of the community understand that we all have been created equal by God and that we can perform better when we go through life together, sharing our equal rights, being honest and treating others with respect and dignity. Our goal is to combat and end hunger, community fear of death, abuse, rejection, ego-centrism, and terror and threats associated with man-made and natural disasters.

Working together for security, friendship and solidarity, we have the power to achieve global peace.

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