What we do

  1. Reach Neighbors International, Inc. is a Christian nonprofit and charitable organization incorporated in USA with scope and vision to combat crime, violence, hunger and poverty, thus promoting safety and security of families and communities, creating a healthy environment and guaranteeing a free and independent life-style.

  2. At the local level, Reach Neighbors International, Inc. works with and lifts up the most disadvantaged families stricken by poverty, hunger, drought, floods, earthquakes, war and collaborate with other humanitarian aid agencies to provide and distribute necessary assistance to save lives;

  3. Reach Neighbors International, Inc. works and connects with partners enhancing their network to facilitate the flow of information and to equip shareholders with tools to actively take action to work for, protect and sustain community safety and security, freedom and peace, and support reasonable programs that deter, reduce, prevent, stop or control any threats against community safety or hinder sustainable development.

  4. In time of peace, Reach Neighbors International helps and supports local and poor families to grow their own food to end external food dependency and to invest into long-term sustaining development programs. We also assist communities with programs and projects that respond to major problems relevant to social and economic justice. We invite members of the affected communities to be actively involved in the implementation of programs to secure their community and promote their well-beings.   

  5. In time of emergency, we train and involve active members of the community to help and rescue most vulnerable victims, share all information about what and where the need is most needed. While setting priorities, Reach Neighbors International Inc. targets poor and underprivileged families, refugees and displaced people, at-risk children, women, widows and the elderly.

  6. Reach Neighbors International Inc. implements multiple pilot projects to end hunger, combat violence, promote security and safety within our communities. Learning from each project will help streamline future projects. When successful, these pilot projects will be implemented nationwide and overseas. These programs require the contribution of all members of the community and involve families as basic social entities and fundamental units of society that deserve to defend their highest priorities and thus play key roles in doing so. These programs will also involve the contribution of agencies, neighbors, the city, the region, schools, clubs, factories, businesses and other entities to carry out various functions to attain their safety and community tranquility.