Who We Are



Reach Neighbors International is a Christian nonprofit and Charitable organization, set up to uplift the banner of love in our communities to bring hope by caring to those in need, championing safety and security, combating hunger and poverty, providing support for the rehabilitation and resettlement of refugees and displaced people, and working to end crime and violence.

We are primarily involved into activities that aim to promote peace in our communities based on Biblical principles, and then work to mitigate the sufferings caused by man-made and natural disasters such as war, famine, floods and hurricanes.

Our programs require the contribution of all members of the community and involve families as basic social entities and fundamental units of society that deserve to defend their highest priorities and thus play key roles in doing so. They also involve the contribution of agencies, cities, schools, clubs, game teams, factories, businesses and other entities to carry out various functions to attain community tranquility. We partner with Churches and other agencies to defend and protect human dignity and family values, work for peace and support programs involving holistic security and aiming to promote economic development.