What We do

One Act of Kindness Can Spark Change

We bring neighbors together to find solutions to today’s most pressing global challenges, showing the power and potential of human kindness.

The Problem

Too often, we are blind to the atrocities happening around the globe until they happen to us.

Too often, people don’t believe the atrocities they see around the world can happen to them. It’s not until they are personally affected by tragedy or policy that they take an interest in what’s happening around them.
Isolation, poverty, ignorance, and disasters take precious lives daily in our communities. And they impact us all, whether we want to admit it or not.
In today’s volatile global climate, there is no one reason why wars start. And the fallout from war and fighting is vast: racism, human rights degradation, poverty, hunger, and genocide. Additional impacts include economic insecurity, intimidation, kidnappings, homicides, and suicides, causing instability and depression across our communities. The reality is, war and instability can happen anytime and anyplace.
And while this reality looms, too often, people turn a blind eye to it. Instead, they choose social isolation and refuse to take work to shift the narrative. Some get swept up in the violence themselves, covering up crime, joining gangs, using drugs, or resorting to violence.
Along with these manmade disasters, natural disasters caused by the effects of climate change plunder our planet and cause threats to human life in every area.
In every state, city, and country, most victims are women and children, vulnerable to physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. They suffer trauma, homelessness, and joblessness and are exposed to rape, sexual exploitation and trafficking, hunger, numerous diseases, and death.
But there is hope.

The Solution

By utilizing the power and potential of human kindness, people can transform their communities from the inside.

Reach Neighbors International Missions, Inc. advocates for neighborly collaboration and makes this collaboration possible to transform communities from the inside out.
While other organizations seek to find solutions from the outside, we believe that the most powerful form of change comes from the people living in those communities.
Using the power of community love and action, we seek to ease the suffering of neighbors. We work with communities to combat hunger, end extreme poverty, and mitigate all kinds of manmade and natural disasters through collaboration and solidarity among community members.
The most powerful and lasting change comes from within. Those living in their communities are most committed to their community’s wellbeing and development. They are the most committed to changing problems affecting their communities because they live with those issues every day. They may have tangible solutions but simply need assistance to implement them.
Our mission at RNIM is to listen to community concerns and provide the educational, financial, and material resources to make community change from the inside possible. We are the link between planning and action, serving as an advocate and partner to implement community change.
When individuals or people need help, we seek to understand their current situations and ask for a demonstration that they’ve sought to help themselves first. These first actions of selfempowerment are crucial to success and form the foundation of our mission. We then can serve as a catalyst for your cause, inviting people for collaboration and dialogue to find solutions to problems at the local, regional, and international level.
We train and empower the local people who not only have information and understanding of their problems but also share enormous potential resources to connect to tackle issues hindering their wellbeing together. Through radical collaboration, we can work to deliver solutions for their common good and sustainable development.
Join hands with RNIM to help people live a life of dignity and value.
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