Where We Work

Serving the World’s Most Vulnerable Communities

Reach Neighbors International Missions, Inc. seeks real-world solutions to crises affecting communities across the Americas and Africa.

Our Commitment to Neutrality

Reach Neighbors International Missions, Inc. is independent, autonomous, and sovereign in its decisions, acts, and implementation of projects and programs. Our policies and constitution recommend that Reach Neighbors International Missions, Inc. avoids discrimination based on nationality, race, beliefs, gender, class, and geographic background.
Our mission is to serve any community that needs help. Reach Neighbors International Missions, Inc. does not and will never take sides by granting favor to a few individuals while ignoring others. The same principle of impartiality and no discrimination is applied when we distribute humanitarian aid to victims of disasters, such as refugees, displaced individuals, and others.

Where We Work

Reach Neighbors International Missions, Inc. is a public charity driven by the support of our generous donors. We have global reach, working to create solutions to manmade and natural disasters.

The Americas

We work across the Americas to provide those who are economically underserved with tools, household equipment, and other assistance for education, health, and recreation. Our aim is to help build individual capacity for self-sufficiency, and in turn, those we serve can then use their talent, skills, and prosperity to help others in the community thrive.
We also work with new immigrants in America, honoring our founder’s legacy as an immigrant. We equip adults with the skills and support they need to fully overcome the daily challenges of integrating into a new community.

We are also cognizant of economic and social challenges in South and Central America that
cause suffering and result in many fleeing their countries. Our work targets the poorest Americas Southern countries of Haiti, Jamaica and Dominican Republic. We aim to offer relief and solutions to
solve those challenges so people can feel safe and thrive in their home communities.


Africa is the poorest continent on Earth. Economic insecurity, political instability and corruption, and other disasters have left countries half demolished and millions of citizens displaced. The most affected individuals are women and girls either raped and/or tortured, left with unintended pregnancies and children with unknown fathers, and those wandering through villages and streets.
Reach Neighbors International Missions, Inc. works in four Sub-Saharan poorest countries of Africa: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. We serve poor individuals, families, and vulnerable children with no parents, helping them with basic needs, encouraging them to go to school, or assisting those not interested in formal education. We also partner with local schools to develop gym and music curricula to help children.
We also have a program that sponsors women with little to no financial support with training and other resources to launch small businesses.
We partner with local churches, NGOs, and other businesses to directly oversee and report on the distribution process of goods to ensure the contributions made by sponsors get into the hands of those who need it most. These reports are then made available to the public.


Whenever your neighbors suffer, you also suffer with them. Reach Neighbors International Missions Inc brings Neighbors together to tackle issues of extreme poverty, hunger and security and extends hands to less fortunate families in Eastern Europe of Georgia, Moldovia, and Ukraine.
Our intervention in either of those countries is five folds:
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